Aria Bell's works

Kidd Commander

by Aria Bell

According to the author, "Kidd Commander is a shonen style adventure comic about a bunch of silly people on a trip to catch the sun, whatever that means. We’re mostly concerned with having a good time and tend to lean towards the romantic side of things!"

Contains foul language and graphic violence.

Kidd Commander is a surprisingly endearing comic.

The characters are deep and the kind of person you could want to be friend with. The story is complex but each scene is quite forthright. So is the art, efficient, direct, with a good use of colors.

Add a few original details to spice the comic, a good contagious laugh once in a while and there you are: stuck, without knowing how...

Kidd Commander Kidd Commander Kidd Commander Kidd Commander

Aria's sketches

Every artist makes sketches.
They usually look like unfinished pieces of work, which they are, most of the time.

But the drawings that Aria Bell calls sketches are art themselves. Her confident (or so it seems) strokes bring the characters to life, and the use of a light color for each picture highlights their tenderness, even in the harshest ones.

sketch by Aria Bell sketch by Aria Bell sketch by Aria Bell sketch by Aria Bell

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