Next Town Over

Erin Mehlos' comics

Next Town Over

by Erin Mehlos

What's it about?
A mechanical genius girl chasing an elegant outlaw magician, himself looking after something, in a Western scenery.
Why is she chasing him?
That's what we're learning by tiny bits, through flashbacks of their common backstory.
What is he looking for?
Well, if someone asks, just tell them you don't know.

The overall story is quite intriguing and slow-paced, although there is a lot of action and fighting all along. Each book/chapter has a neat ending, and the whole story will be 13 books long (says the author, in Broken sky p.36).
The seasons go by, as attests the wonderful art: be it summer, autumn or winter, each new page is like a painting you want to hang on your wall and spend hours watching.
Colours are stupendous, light and fire make the story alive, and a full mastery in the use of the layout adds a special feeling — to say nothing of the horses.
Once you get over the general impression, there are loads of details to observe, in the main timeline, and in the great sepia flashbacks.
By the way, the site graphics are really nice too.

So if you're in for a new visual delight each Sunday and a mind-tingling story, this is the comic you should read!

Next Town Over Next Town Over Next Town Over Next Town Over

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