Gibson Twist's stories

Gibson Twist writes realistic stories, a rare thing when most of
nowadays webcomics are full of magic, fantasy or sci-fi.
Not recommended under 18.

Pictures of you

by Gibson Twist

A group of friends and not-so-much-friends, their relations, their ups and downs, la vie, quoi. Often dark, sometimes moving, always enticing.

Lively art.

Pictures of you Pictures of you Pictures of you Pictures of you

Our time in eden

words by Gibson Twist, pictures by Ben Steeves

A kind of illustrated novel that looks like a comic... Great black and white art for a real-life story, a dark one. Life weighs upon the characters.

It seldom updates, but each new page is really worth the wait.

Our time in eden Our time in eden Our time in eden

An interview with Gibson Twist:
"POI is part coming-of-age story, part relationship drama,
part college comedy, and the whole is more than the sum of its parts."

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