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Stand Still Stay Silent

by Minna Sundberg

So. This is a post-apocalyptic story. One more? Yes, one more, but this one is very very special.

Why? First of all, there aren't words strong enough in English to describe Minna Sundberg's art. All about the art is flabbergasting: colours, landscapes, characters, monsters, use of the pages/panels. Each double-page is a wonderful present.

Then... the story. Here, the post-apocalyptic situation is not, like in too many stories, an excuse to tell whatever survival niceties and fights come to mind. It's thought over thoroughly, researched, wholly consistent.

It takes place in Scandinavia, where the author lives. The maps are acurate, the places depicted with all their details true to the real world. Also, there's an attention on languages characteristics, enhanced by the fact that the characters come from different countries and don't all understand each other.
(And, of course, there is the language chart which helped give the comic its well-deserved fame...)

The author's imagination has no limit.
The characters interactions, the (not always so) dreadful monsters, humoristic situations and a fast pace make each page, even the quiet ones, a new adventure.

Last but not least, there's no hero in this story, but a crew. All working together, each of them is a very non-heroic-plain-human. If you're not yourself a Lalli, you've for sure already met each one of them in real life. And when you read Stand Still Stay Silent, well, you get to see how plain humans react in complex situations...

Ah, almost forgot, SSSS updates all weekdays, and there's a wondrous and welcoming fanclub in the comment section!

Stand Still Stay Silent Stand Still Stay Silent Stand Still Stay Silent

SSSS info pages

Between chapters, Minna Sunberg offers us info pages about the world. They're 'real' in-world documents, so you can learn those subjects the same way people living 'there and then' do.

Stand Still Stay Silent Stand Still Stay Silent Stand Still Stay Silent Stand Still Stay Silent

A redtail's dream

by Minna Sundberg

Based on Finnish mythology, peaceful, gorgeous, a good story to read when you need to relax, laugh a bit, look at nice pictures and relate with endearing characters.

A redtail's dream A redtail's dream A redtail's dream A redtail's dream

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