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by Kate Ashwin

If you like reading finished stories but love ongoing webcomics all the same, Widdershins is the comic you're looking for.
Each chapter is a whole story with a neat ending, and all stories are related. The first ones can be read separatly, but the more you go on, the more they stand as a whole grabbing arc.

There are tremendously funny scenes all along, some in-family tenderness, good consistent plots. Those plots involve many likeable characters but each story puts the focus on two or three of them.

The most remarkable feature of this comic is how the mix of everyday Victorian-era (or modern) life with magic looks totally natural. After reading this, you could really expect some strange things to happen when you walk any English street...

Widdershins Widdershins Widdershins Widdershins

Did you know the meaning of the word widdershins?

Video - the process of making a Widdershins page: Drawing Widdershins


by Kate Ashwin

The first work of Kate Ashwin, a famous dungeons & dragons story which ran for eight years.
Mostly in black and white, some parts in full color.

Darken Darken Darken Darken

Darken on wikipedia.

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